by Val Jones 

With fervent hearts we pray
For you Zeta each day 
You’ve always stood for the right 
Rather than for the might…

That when you see me decked out in all my royalness 
Of elegant Blue and White 
With visions of finer womanhood 
Dancing thru my dreams every night 
The baddest and finest brothas there could ever be 
All decked out in their royal blue and white 
Just like me 
That’s why we are called the “true family” 
For we were the first constitutionally bonded 
Brother and sister Greek fraternity/sorority

And even though Greek letters 
You see upon our crest and chest 
Know…it ain’t just a Greek thang, baby 
This is a Black thang at its best

Sure we call our council Pan Hellenic 
With names like Alpha and Omega 
Delta, Kappa, Sigma Gamma Rho
And Iota Phi Theta 
Sporting colors, canes and attitudes 
Of camaraderie and competition 
Stepping high and strutting harder 
Than any entertainer you see on television

Still, when you see us on this stage 
Or at any homecoming show 
Know…it ain’t just a Greek thang, baby 
This is a Black thang, you know

So much soul, everybody wants to be me 
I’m so “icey,” that to touch me would cause you to freeze

Hold up…you’ll be getting more of that later on in the show 
But first let me drop something on you I bet you didn’t know... 
Here’s a little history on this mystery of being a Black Greek 
And before I’m done, you’ll understand of little more of what I speak 

Greece is known to have an influence on every culture, but did you know… 
That before they became so popular, they went to Africa so very long ago 
And, while in Egypt, they studied and incorporated our language, our culture,
OUR art...
So even though it looks like Greek, it’s really African at heart 
And though the letters may suggest something else 
Take a much closer look and inspection 
At the Sphinx, the Scrolls and Crescents 
That you see in many a Black fraternity and sorority’s collection 
And when it comes to “steppin’ “ I shouldn’t even have to explain 
For the way we move and the way we groove 
You know that’s gotta be a Black thang

The combination of African beats, chants and tribal dance 
Definitely shows signs from the motherland 
And with rhythms that could move mountains and masses 
No, Greece is NOT where this began
From African armies to American slaves 
And Black railroad workers who tried to dance away the pain 
From the South African boot dance to the Sigma Nut-Cracker 
Steppin’ has always been a part of our thang

So, just when did the evolution of Greek stepping begin? 
Hard to say …but from the stories I am told 
The first fraternities ever to throw down in the quad 
Wore the colors of Blue and White and Purple and Gold 
And from steppin in quads to communities at large 
We spread the positive message of unity 
Helping all our young brothers and sisters 
So, they can realize they CAN be all they can be

So to all my Black Greeks who know what I speak 
Wear your colors and your letters with pride 
Spread the love, spread the wealth, spread the knowledge of self 
And a big shout to the “Divine Nine” 
Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and Delta Sigma Theta 
Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, and the brothas of Iota Phi Theta 
Hats off to the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho 
And much luv to my brothas of Phi Beta Sigma -- “Blu Phi…You Know!” 
Last but definitely not least 
To my sorors of Z-E-T-A Zeta 
Keep strutting your finer womanhood, ladies,
Like you know there ain’t nothing greater 
And to all…even though it’s Greek letters you see upon our crest and chest 
Don’t get it twisted ‘cuz this spirit, this heritage, 
THIS STOMP is more than a Greek thang
This is a Black thang at its best

©2005 Val Jones



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