You can't share what you don't have...and you can't feed where you're starving. So it just makes SENSE (and cents) to go where the food IS and not where it's not.

IJS....when cars need gas, they don't go to empty tanks. And when flights need fuel, they don't fly on promises.

This smile is NOT from "hoping"..."wishing"...and "waiting"...nor merely "praying" for a miracle. THIS smile is from BEing the "miracle and DOING, recognizing past errors and not repeating them. THIS smile comes from knowing my OWN worth...and not accepting less than it. THIS smile comes from learned lessons and earned blessings...and from making better and smarter moves.

THIS smile is from WORK...and just naturally BEing in the pflow and frequency that is tuned to MY happiness...and not being distracted by anything that would drain instead of add to my gain. THIS smile came out of what was perceived to be "nothing" with my back against the wall and an overwhelming financial, emotional and spiritual dilemma....and ending up being the GREATEST "something" it could ever be.....a catalyst to my growth and evolution and the recognition that EYE can do ANYTHING once EYE set my mind to it.

And most importantly, THIS smile is a representation of WHO and WHAT EYE AM and what my Parents named me, as well as a testament to what they instilled in me: FAITH.

You can't just "believe" in it or "speak" it; you gotta BE it. And there be the difference.

Just showing you MY truth and proof. And once you find something that works for YOU, you stick with it...because what works, WORKS. And what doesn't, DOESN'T. #doubleentendreintended

The FIRST person you owe to be happy...is YOURSELF. That's NOT being "selfish." That's called "doing for SELF." And it just makes sense to do for YOU before you do for everyone else....especially when those bills don't stop and they're in YOUR name.

And the moral of this story is: Secure YOUR plate, YOUR square, YOUR joy, YOUR peace/piece...and the rest will take care of itself.




I found your tone in writing to be positive and good. I like how you put the meaning of that smile. Knowing your own worth is good. Things won't always go our way, thus its good to be able to always see the brighter side of things. We should be able to realize how each day is both a miracle and a gift. Every day that passes by can be a new beginning.

07/19/2017 5:09pm

A post which bounded me to smile and smile a lot. This is the best post I have ever seen which makes us to leave the worries of the happenings, mishaps and the things which are yet to happen.


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