By Val Jones (4/26/2016)

Today...EYE felt..."heaven."

Oh, there are MANY levels.

This is just the FIRST.

And EYE saw it.

But most importantly, EYE "FELT" IT.

The true community...and unity.

The ones who got ME.

My angels…..

Guarding me as EYE sleep...

because they know to teach and reach...

you must first have some "up" time.

Pardon me if "normal grammatical rules"

I don't apply this time

I find it so hard

To stay within lines

When it really doesn't matter

It's the thought

Not the trend

That counts

Speaking of counting

Like the crows on my path

EYE am starting to realize the math

Or more so "sacred geometry"

That ALL of this is supposed to be

And EYE can see it clearly

From my throne

My home

As EYE see my karma greeting me

And it is saying so graciously

"Sista...Mama...Queen...Star…you GOOD?"

And they MEAN it.

And SHOW it.

And most importantly EYE/I KNOW IT


What a month! What a last 7 days.

It's been like the CRAZE

And "Uptime." is definitely needed

And seeded

And heeded

EYE'll be moving UP now.

Oh...we don't call it "downtime" here.

We "get down" and we "do it on the downbeat,"

But NOT on the "down low"

And we all about the up and out

On this new level beat.

And some things we can never ever repeat

As some things we just ain't "down" with.

But was EYE ever?!

Why do you think it's called "heaven?"

Because it's ALL treats and no tricks.

'Cuz NONE of us believe in THAT shit

In MY "community"

Where ALL of the angels shine in unity

While shaking our heads at the grave insanity

The jealousy

The mockery


Money...and attention...and fame

If all you got out of his name

Was "diamonds and pearls"

And fish

Then YOU missed the message

And the gift

And no, EYE am not just talking

About HIM

But it's no myth

That in the past 5 days

Can it be a coincidence

That we both saw heaven


And shared a connective cry

That even in pain and grief

Nothing will stop our rise

And the ability to hear AND see

And FEEL with the 3rd eye

That WE am blessed

And WE can rest

Because WE am LOVED

And that's just the end of this story

And the beginning of another journey

Peace out

(Pt. 2…..next page)

Tiz IS the blessing

As well as the lesson

And now....

My lesson is knowing on THIS level

When to get some sleep

So EYE can be around to enjoy my treats

But EYE guess EYE needed to see just the right peeps

In these crazy times

That would reciprocate in love

Showing me EYE would be fine

And to just let it be what it be

Where the light don't shine

And just keep reaching for MY heaven...


Oh yeah...it's National Poetry Month

How's this for a rhyme?

EYE think EYE call it

Amethyst Spirit

For obvious reasons

Says the one born on February 29.

We "different ones and beautiful ones" tho.


~ Val Jones



07/09/2016 7:57am

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02/11/2017 4:32am

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