Wow! MOST intense dreams ever. Back to back to back. And even now...lucid dreaming. Well, ask and you shall receive. Planets AND angels in my ear...and head...and visions. Astral traveled to Pleiades...something EYE haven't done in years! Family dropping code and showing me things....no doubt EYE should know. Prep info.

But dammit dammit DAMMIT. Some things gotta GO. Fast time. Symbolic of cutting out things that EYE might "like" but does not like ME. In fact, just the opposite. Foods/Folk/Follies...same thing. Gotta GO. Damaging to the body. Bleeding ulcers don't play.
Yup. The "others" woke me up to show me that. So it must be crucial like EYE am "crucial" to my own mission.

IJS....if EYE can get rid of coffee, just think what EYE can get rid of?! Coffee....spicy foods(EYE loooooove spicy foods!!)...nuts!! Believe me, THESE things mean a LOT more to me than a LOT of folks EYE know (or who "think" or maybe EYE should say "assume" they know ME).

And this challenge might mean nothing or laughable to you. But after last night/this morning...and maybe yesterday in general (Asked for 45; got 44; present delivered!), it would behoove me to LISTEN to my "guides" and my body.

You know those mornings when you wake up and you feel tired like your body's been somewhere you don't even KNOW about?! You have. Resting...and processing...after the "operation."

And no...this ISN'T just a "story." Or maybe it is. One of 144,000.

HAPPY MOONDAY. Message from MOM and DAD and the "Others" to YOU:

"What doesn't feel true and HEALING to YOUR system? Then YOU need to CUT it!!" (Okay, some of you don't take that "literally." EYE know how you are and YOU know what EYE meant. LOL)

DAMN EYE could use some coffee right now. But guess the Parents say it's time to step up the "awakening"...and caffeine ain't the way. Back to my Sebi shakes. Seamoss here EYE come.

Ocean healing. Figures. Homeopathy.

Oracle ❤️  #HealingHiatus




01/23/2017 8:31pm

Wow! I am glad I stumbled in your website. I am a lucid dreamer. I discoverd the world of lucid dreaming when I was still 12 years old. I practiced the methods to lucid dream intentionally and I did. Up until now I've been lucid dreaming for fun and entertainment.

04/25/2017 2:53am

This is very interesting and enjoyable to read. I haven't yet experienced this kind of dream. When I read your article about Lucid dreams, I was very curious what it feels like. I really want to experience it, because of how you describe how you feel when having a lucid dream. I will ask my friends if they experience this lucid dream and what feels like to them.

02/15/2017 6:34pm

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04/04/2017 2:05pm

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