People wonder why EYE talk so much about magic.  First off...NUNYA!!  Secondly, EYE have ALWAYS been about magic. Even as a child.  The books EYE was reading tho!!  And you could tell that whenever EYE would walk into a room, grab a mic and rock a crowd..naturally...even WITHOUT an entourage or band.  Just ME.

Brag?  Naaah.  Goddesses don't brag.  We just own up to the truth and WEAR that shit like a crown.

Let's face it...my words have more weight than Ft. Knox.  And should EYE so choose, EYE could bring a mountain down. Tiz why EYE had to be "pulled back" by the Parents.  To whom much is given....well, you know the line.  And with Lilith as my "dark side" AND being a "military brat?!"  Trust me...the things that make some of you cringe makes ME laugh.  That's why, if EYE walked away, it was more for YOUR benefit than mine.  

But let's get to the point.  Soooo many focused on Trump (unsuccessfully so, EYE might add.)  Losing your minds it seems.  Waited for "Jesus" to fix the election and it didn't happen it seems.  Still waiting and STILL caught up in the frenzy while the bad Reptilians feeding off your fear, it seems.  Whatever YOU are doing just doesn't seem to be working, it seems.

IJS...sometimes it takes a witch of the Pleiades to deal with the wizard of Wall Street.

You got YOUR role.  EYE got MINE.  And please believe EYE am a "master" at this game...and learning MORE every day.
To play...or not to play...is the question.  (*_*)

Naah.  Don't need your help (which is waaay too many times a trick and distraction for infiltrators who just want shine or to inject some shit in the mix) NOR do EYE want to join your "movements."  EYE  got this!

And THAT's why EYE looove watching shows about magic.  Not that fake shit.  The REAL thing.  It's like "class" for me.  Art class...because magic/alchemy IS an art.  And my art IS my activism. 

But EYE've said that before.  Some of you just failed to listen.
#IsisCode (the REAL one)




02/02/2017 9:21am

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02/21/2017 5:28pm

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