My poetry, art & alchemy are for healing and enlightenment; NOT just must mere "parlor tricks" for entertainment and cheap thrills.

And that's why MOM and DAD recalled me back (or was it forward? it gets timey whimey at times) to the Garden rather than exist among those other "snakes."

So EYE teleported back/forward (wherever) to Pleiades to purify myself in myself again and commune with my Higher Self.

And as EYE walked the sands of time, MOM and Brother said, "Hey...WE got this cool foot-washing technique you can do that will wash away all that manure that's been sticking to the bottom of your sole/soul."


Since WE know words get "twisted," that's why WE always "pic" it. EYE'm not considered the EYE of RA for no reason.

It's GOoD to BE da ORacle! (*_*)

But that could just be another story......right?!




Personally, I find reading stories and poetry as a meditation. Since I'm also into writing and reading pieces like this in one of my hobbies, I feel enlightened whenever I read poetry, especially those pieces where I can relate to. I love the personification that you've put in this article.I wanted to write just like you!

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