Channeling....channeling...Venus is in Aries...and my Venus IS in Aries in my 4th House. Soooo, Lilith steadying. Coming up with a new name for a new attitude. We like the name "Lucy." It fits for many reasons. MANY.

Sooooo with THAT being said: Let the record state...that the ONLY truth that matters in MY life is the one EYE LIVE; not just "talk" about. So if anyone got issue with MY truth that EYE prove on a DAILY basis...or how EYE walk MY walk when the ONLY thing you have seeded on my path is weeds, EYE suggest you take your groups, your organizations, your entourages, your hidden agendas, your "two-men-and-some-papers," your "but-your-idea-never-works-tho," your "all of a sudden WE besties; aww hell naaah" ass and all the little trollers and "idea confiscators,"

IN FACT (SAID LILITH...UHH Lucy), just take ALL that bullshit that you're used to in your "shit stream"...excuse, "lifestyle" and KEEP all that! Don't want it; NEVER wanted it; EYE was just visiting, looking for interaction and mining for gold.

Ooops....didn't see THAT statement coming. Typing as EYE think. Channeling as EYE write. Yep. Repped. (Those who "get it," GOT it. (*_*) ) Anywhoooos...

IJS...just like YOU, EYE am entitled to MY happy and MY space and MY creation and MY joy...without interference. Divine right. So EYE have FULL authority to say...

EYE WISH A MOTHAFUCKA WOULD tell me EYE don't have the right to my own opinion and life. You must not KNOW 'bout ME (NOT in my Beyonce voice. In my OWN)!!!

DIS-FUKKING-MISSED! (Oooops... Too much like DADDY.)

Darlings. purleeeeeeeeease MISS me with that mess. You're about to make me go "poof be gone." And that's a place EYE would advise ANYONE not to go. Now...dismissed and buh bye. Start your OWN revolution. EYE got mine up and running and WE good. 2nd time's the charm..double entendre intended: EYE'm a GODDESS, bitch! DISMISSED.

Blame it on Magic. He told me to "clap back.....with love."
Or maybe Venus in Aries. Morning star issues. NOT.
Said Lucy. HAA!!!!

Chilling...........and wishing the same for you. <3 <3

*You damn right this is ALL going in the book!! (*_*)
#truestories #whenthedownloadkicksin



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