The plain black & white of it ALL is:

Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. (Well, it IS; but that's another much deeper story regarding quantum physics. So, let's just stick with the "ole reliable standby" for a minute.)

That is why it is SOOOO important to LIVE your life..NOW!!! And if you are are feeling "some" type of REAL joy in your heart and soul; you're not LIVING....no matter what you're fronting.

It's not your "things;" it's not your mind; it's your "spirit" that jumps off your page of life and connects with the Universe to create a brand new picture....daily.

What's jumping OFF from YOU?

P.S. Thank you Al Jarreau for always reminding me (AGAIN) to just BE and gravitate to my "brite-n-sunny" day...regardless.





02/15/2017 12:42am

I love your sweater. Black is perfect to wear. I like how you dress. I like the photos that you've shared. I love your shoes.


Every day, we must live our life to the fullest. We just only lived once in a lifetime. If we are going to spend our lives wisely, once is already enough. We must live today like there is no tomorrow. Be yourself, enjoy every moment and live your life NOW.

02/21/2017 5:26pm

Having to visit a church is very important for our spiritual health. It enlightens us and makes us connected to God. Nature walks are also important for us to find our inner peace. We need to walk regularly for us to meditate and discover more about ourselves.

03/03/2017 5:32am

We are very concerned for what might happen to us the next day without really taking concern about what we're doing today. We have to remember that though the future is important, the result we're expecting comes from the things we do today. If you want to be a doctor, then start investing to get a degree. Study hard in school. Work hard and you'll get what you want. There may come a time that we will fail and it's normal to fail, we just have to make it our inspiration to continue to be stronger. Do not let failures hinder you to reach your dream. It is I who create my path. It is you who create yours.

06/06/2017 3:40pm

Please continue this great work and I look forward to more of your awesome blogs.


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