You will always know YOUR "soul tribe" because, even though they may not fully understand YOU, they will innerstand your joy and will appreciate you for just being YOU. And they will inspire you to be MORE of that....your greatest YOU...and your greatest joy.

Your "soul tribe" is merely a reflection of YOU. All else? Merely lessons of discernment of what you like and what you don't in your life. 

Are you choosing what you like...or stuck in what you don't? That is NOT the way of the "lotus blossom." BLOOM, BELOVED! The Sun is BE-YOU-TO-FULL. The Earth is abundant. The Moon is magic. The Water is life. And the seed/ flower is a combination of all 3. #DaO



02/03/2017 11:04pm

I never knew that those people are called my "soul tribe". I have a bunch of treasured people who understands and loves me truly. It includes people that are not blood-related to me. I am truly grateful to have them in my life.

02/21/2017 5:27pm

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04/04/2017 11:14am

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