LET'S BE REAL!! Many people "speculate" on what they read, hear or been told. EYE choose to ONLY speak on what EYE know. Makes it more legit and an honest "teachable" moment. That being said....

There ARE such things as "generational curses." EYE experienced that personally with the 3rd most important person in my life....my husband. And this EYE KNOW.... With ALL that EYE knew and was "equip" with, it proved to be a continuous struggle of epic proportions. The reason being.....no matter how much love you have OR how much "magic" you can muster, you canNOT break another's "curse." ONLY THEY THEMSELVES CAN DO THAT. And please believe it goes deeper, MUCH deeper than the person you're dealing with. Take a GOOD look at their family members and "fore family" members. That's why it's called a "generational curse."

EYE can tell you of nights EYE would hear him in his sleep talking in "guttural tongues" and just the "energies" he would tend to gravitate to. That wasn't the "heart, soul and mind" that EYE loved and married; but it was born deep in his spirit. And right when EYE thought we were on the version of breaking through and starting anew, it reached up from hell and claimed him. Ironic that in that same moment, HE and "something" urged/pushed/persuaded me against my better judgement to go in the house before that horrific moment that would change BOTH of our lives forever. Even to the end, my king was STILL on his square, saving his queen, yet succumbing to the very thing that had haunted him for years and had been showing up in "spiritual glimpses" for weeks. Did HE see it coming? EYE think he did. EYE was trying my best to get him away from it. But again, NO ONE can break another's "generational curse." And though EYE thought he would be the FIRST in his family to do so, such was not the case.

WHY am EYE bringing this up? Because some of YOU are dealing with people right now who are dealing with "generational curses." EYE see it. EYE feel it. And EYE canNOT help you.
All EYE can do is TELL YOU that there is NOTHING you can do the break them. You can't pray enough. You can't cast enough "protective energy." You can't "love it away." You can't do ANYTHING but encourage that person to break that cycle themselves. And you may even have to LEAVE them in it BY THEMSELVES...because it's not YOUR curse or lesson; it's THEIRS. And if THEY don't break it (and mind you, it's not easy by NO means...and even perhaps rarely doable), it WILL claim them...AND YOU if you let it...for that curse will make YOU the "scapegoat" and the "buffer" for the change they can't muster deep within themselves.

It's takes a VERY strong person who's aware of it. And a person who won't even acknowledge it doesn't even stand a chance at all! Check the facts and receipts of those who KNOW and been through it.

EYE was aware that Baker WAS "aware." We would talk about it constantly. Still, this "demon" was bigger than his will. Not bigger than mine though.....so EYE thought. And true love will make you fight to the end. And, not so ironically, in the end it was Bake who saved ME from a fate that would inevitably claim him.
Well, "save" is a "speculative" word because a part of me still died that night with him and EYE will never quite be the same for it. But, looking back, even EYE can't say EYE didn't see something tragic coming. Like a Romeo and Juliet story, some things are just written to be.

That being said, some of you are dealing with folks who don't even recognize OR WON'T acknowledge their own "generational curse." Instead, they are selfish enough to take you down with them. THAT, my friends, is NOT love. That is FEAR, DENIAL, NON-ACCOUNTABILITY and SELFISHNESS. They don't want to face their own demons in themselves OR their families.....and instead they will drain the FUKK out of you like that "demon spirit" is draining the FUKK out of them. And, near the end, they will even blame YOU just because you refuse to cater to THEIR generational curse. Oh it goes DEEEEEP, my friends. Deep as the fires of hell itself!

SOMEBODY has to break the chain!!! If not them, it MUST be YOU! If not YOU, it WILL CLAIM at least ONE victim...and maybe more.

Again, Baker was never dishonest about his situation. He knew. WE knew. But you know ME. EYE go HARD for love. EYE don't give up on true love...especially when it's my soul mate and "karmic bond." Not in my program. But ONLY for the true love of my life. NEVER for anyone else. WHY put your life on the life for non-reciprocal reasons?! How STUPID is THAT?!!

STILL, even true love is never enough if the person doesn't find their own "super power" and "super love" within themselves to break chains that perhaps no one in their family has even done.
And THAT was a horrific and humbling lesson for ME to know when that there ARE some things are bigger that EYE will NEVER be able to control nor fix. Especially when it's not MY "shit" to begin with.

All that is to say...or rather ask: WHO NEEDS TO SAVE THEMSELVES TONIGHT?! And are YOU fighting a fight that is NOT yours to win but will definitely be yours to lose because you're waging war against something that's far older than your relationship....and not YOUR personal war to win or lose?!

When you're in school taking tests, no one can take that test FOR you. No one can walk across that graduation stage FOR YOU. You learn...You earn....and YOU are the one who will burn if you don't got deep into yourself and break that chain at its root.

It's by no means an easy job....not even for the person with the generational curse. And it's IMPOSSIBLE for the "outsider"....because it puts you in a realm that's distinctly different than your own program.

What's the moral of this message? If you have to ask, it doesn't matter. You're probably gonna have to learn the hard way like me.
But those who really "get it," GOT IT.

ALL problems are NOT your problems. And making them YOUR problems won't "solve them." SOURCE has given us free will to choose. And not even the greatest love can trump free will.

The reason why some try so hard to save the world is because they can't save themselves. If only they would internalize that "saving" and put that energy into what really matters: breaking their own curse. Sadly, the success rate is not a high one. And if ONE person got something out of this, that in itself is a miracle that EYE'm appreciative of.

Ask those who KNOW; not just those who "speculate."




This article got me confused at first. But looking at it closely and reading between the lines, I believe that what Da Oracle is saying is that in order to break a curse, we should start with ourselves. A curse is a continuous cycle that huts some people for some time or sometimes it goes on for generations. It is not impossible to end a curse. Be strong. Fight your own battles, not others but your own. Put your energy into what really matter.


It is indeed confusing at first, but, we need to read between the lines. We all have our own demons inside of us. And even the people who loves us unconditionally, can't remove these demons for us. We need to do it by ourselves. We are the one who can help ourselves, we just need to choose. Everything is a choice.

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nice post

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What a beautiful web.. Love to sit here...


Indeed, they actually exists.

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I've watched them by myself and yes they exists.


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